Preparing the maternity bag 

Week 36? It is worth preparing the maternity bag Here is a list of things you should put in your maternity bag:  


  • Identity card of both spouses
    Pregnancy booklet with your tests/results
    magnetic card for the kupat holim
  • Mobile phone and book charger /
    magazine / music newspaper
  • Food and drinks: sandwiches, chocolate, Energy bars, dried fruits, nuts,,,,
    Coins for soft drink machines
    Toiletriesl Liquid soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste
    Robe and/or large towel
    Rubber flip-flops for the shower
    Disposable underwear or underwear that you can give up
    Thick hygienic pads
    Hair bands
    Lip Balm
    If you wear contact lenses, take glasses with you to the delivery room

  • Body Lotion
    Moisturizer For Face
    Pajamas or Nightgowns
    Outfit For Going Home  
    Nursing Bra
    Nursing Pad
    Nipple Ointment


Garment for going home, depending on the season
Car seat


About me

To be present, to be the one who reassures, who has faith in you, in your abilities. To be the one who brings comfort, generosity, knowledge, light, hope and a lot of tips and experience. To be the one who believes beyond all that the impossible can be possible. In my opinion, this is the role of the doula and much more than that.

My name is Isabela Nahshon, a former paramedic and now a doula (I studied at the Laledet School for Childbirth). Now I am also studying to be a childbirth preparation instructor 😊

I worked for years as a paramedic (abroad) and decided upon my final return to Israel two years ago, to change direction, to accompany women and their partners in the wonderful and sometimes complex journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

I am convinced that this period of life makes and shapes the rest of your journey. This is why I offer to accompany you on your journey, in whatever way you choose, either in a natural birth (without painkillers), in an epidural birth, a cesarean birth or home birth… I am here for you, to support you, to help you find the information you need to make the right choices for you, with knowledge, without judging or influencing you, because I am convinced that every parent has the ability to know what is best for him and his child.

My services can include, at your choice (all or some, according to what suits your needs):

Birth preparation course, prenatal and birth support, breastfeeding help, aromatherapy, massages, guided imagery, hot/cold therapy, tens machine, acupressure….

You won't be alone!!! you can consult me ​​during this period which sometimes causes restlessness and doubts.

I speak Hebrew, French, English and German fluently, and understand Spanish.

Questions? Any doubts? I would love to hear them and of course answer .

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