Preparing the maternity bag 

Week 36? It is worth preparing the maternity bag Here is a list of things you should put in your maternity bag:     Baby: Garment for going home, depending on the seasonBlankethatCar seat diapers

Breathing techniques that work best for you during childbirth 

 Here is an overview of patterned breathing and how to use the practice so that you or your loved one can have the best birth experience. What is the rationale behind the breathing techniques during childbirth? The advantages of patterned respiration include: Soothes the  mother and improves her response to pain Helps the mother feel […]

Hug the mother

Hug the mother ❤️ Because the baby is being cared for 👩‍🍼 Fed, cuddled, given all the love in the world 💕 Not only by his mother… By his father, grandparents, sisters and brothers, cousins ​​and friends But the new mummy… Maybe breastfeeding is not as easy or she is suffering from lack of sleep […]